Kevin Ackerman

Costume Design


Costume design brings character to the surface.  There is a joy in beauty and such a thing as beautiful ugliness.  I remain considerate of the shot; the image on the screen, the visual aesthetic adds value to the entertainment experience.  Always subliminally informing, the mix of color, tone and texture resonates mood and generates response in talent and audience alike. 

I am looking for collaboration with talented, purposeful filmmakers who are committed to meaningful storytelling.  My hope is to work with producers and directors who want and need made to order costuming in the tradition of old Hollywood-but for todays audience.  A fulfillment of stylistic perfection that can be had with such control.  The results impact through visual stimulation and an enhanced reality.

I welcome opportunity to present concepts on spec.


Member IA Local 892 Costume Designers Guild   


705 Motion Picture Costumers